The Benefits Of A Concealed Shower 

As you consider the design of your new bathroom, the thought of installing a concealed shower may have crossed your mind. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide takes you through the advantages of having a concealed shower in your bathroom, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether this option aligns perfectly with your vision. 

What is a concealed shower? 

A concealed shower, a favoured choice amongst homeowners and interior designers alike, is a shower system designed to neatly conceal all the pipework within your bathroom walls. When fitted, only the showerhead and controls are on display, contributing to a neat and clutter-free aesthetic. This design makes it an ideal option for bathrooms with limited space or for anyone looking for a minimalist style. 

What are the key benefits of opting for a concealed shower? 

If you’re torn between installing a concealed shower and sticking with a more traditional exposed shower system, the following four advantages, compiled by our bathroom experts, may just tip the scale in favour of the concealed option. 

Efficient use of space 

During the process of designing your bathroom, the twin objectives of style and functionality are paramount. Making optimal use of available space, without compromising on quality, is an objective most homeowners aspire to. Concealed showers lend themselves perfectly to achieving this goal. 

The standard size for a UK bathroom is around 2m x 2m. If your bathroom happens to fall below this average size, installing a concealed shower, such as the sleek Grohe smart control concealed shower could be the perfect solution. Not only does it lend a fashionable, minimalist appearance to your bathroom, but it also saves a substantial amount of space. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that concealed showers are exclusively for compact bathrooms, though. They’re equally practical and beneficial in more spacious settings. 

Aesthetically pleasing 

Regardless of whether you’re favouring a traditional or a contemporary style for your bathroom design, a concealed shower will beautifully enhance your space. They’re particularly effective if your aim is to keep all pipework out of sight and maintain an overarching minimalist look. As the valves and all pipework is discreetly tucked away beneath the tiles, concealed showers serve as an ideal choice for bathrooms aiming for a minimalist aesthetic. They’re a splendid option for anyone wishing to craft clean, straight lines and minimise clutter in their space. 

Practical and Functional 

Unlike exposed showers, concealed showers have been crafted with both style and functionality at the forefront of their design. By discreetly tucking all the pipework into the walls, what’s left on display are just the essentials – the showerhead, shower valves, and handles. 

The majority of concealed showers incorporate thermostatic valves, just like the Aqata Showers range, which provide an easier and more comfortable showering experience due to their user-friendly controls. 

Many thermostatic shower valves come equipped with a safety feature that offers immediate protection against sudden system failures, helping to prevent injuries, such as scalding. With a wide variety of styles available on the market, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. And if you’re not sure, we can help. 

Safe and easy to maintain 

One often-overlooked advantage of concealed showers is how easy they are to clean. With all the pipework hidden away, it just takes a single spray and wipe with an antibacterial, anti-mould spray to ensure long-lasting protection against lime-scale deposits and contaminants from soapy water.  

In conclusion, concealed showers offer a mix of style, practicality, safety, and easy maintenance that make them an appealing choice for any bathroom design. Whether your space is small or large, traditional or modern, there’s a concealed shower that’s just right for you.  

Exposed valves, concealed pipework 

The key issue that often arises, is that concealed shower valves are often more expensive and the jump in price can be quite high. However, we have a solution. A compromise for those not looking to spend quite that much. All of the exposed valves sold and installed by us have concealed pipework. While concealed valves are still likely to be easier to keep clean, the exposed valve options are far more popular than concealed.  

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