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How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take? 

Having a bathroom renovation is exciting. The satisfied feeling of having a new bathroom is something that lasts for years and years. Sometimes a freshen up just doesn’t cut it and you need to start over. Rip it out, start from a clean canvas, and change things around a little.


We’re not all blessed with a downstairs toilet or a second bathroom so having a bathroom renovated does come with the obvious interruptions to your life. And we know that’s precisely why we’re always asked: “How long does a bathroom renovation take?”.


Of course, there’s no straightforward answer to this but we can give you some idea depending on what it is you’re having done.


At Alan Heath and Sons we do all of the work ourselves. We design, renovate, fit, install and tile, and get all of the work done with our own teams. This means we’re in complete control and we’re in charge of the time scales.


How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take? 


Probably 60 to 70% of the renovations we do take around 10 to 21 day to complete. We also do smaller jobs and larger renovations outside of this time frame.


This is our target but of course sometimes on rare occasions things can change or the renovation can be too large to complete in this time.


Here are a few factors that will affect the time it takes to renovate a bathroom:



Size of the room


This isn’t as much of a factor as you might think. Most average-sized rooms will take approximately the same amount of time. The only time-consuming part affected by the size of the room is the tiling and decoration but most of these will be carried out on separate days.


Obviously if you have a rather large room with additional items then it will take longer to complete.


Different tradesmen won’t usually be working in the same bathroom at one time so the tiling could take two days or one and a half days and it won’t affect the overall finish time.


But it’s fair to say that a small bathroom can be completed a bit faster.



Capability of the company


We don’t want to blow our own trumpet here… but we’re good at what we do. We’ve been designing and renovating bathrooms for over 30 years. That means we know what we’re doing.


That’s not to say that other companies don’t – they do – they just might not be as organised and as well-equipped to get the job done in a reasonable timescale. Choose a good company and you’re more likely to get the project finished on time. We have plenty of testimonials if you’d like to read what our previous customers thought.

You get what you pay for…


On the flipside of that if you buy on budget you might find that the bathroom will take a lot less time. When you don’t spend as much you don’t get as much quality or craftsmanship and this can mean the project being completed quicker as some corners may be cut. This is completely up to you, but you should be aware of the risks.


Our advice is to always get a reputable company and one that values the final product as much as you do. Cheap isn’t always best or the end of the project. We have had to renovate badly fitted ‘cheap’ bathrooms for customers before.



So it’s “How long is a piece of string?” No, not really….


A standard bathroom renovation can take approximately two weeks, give or take a day and allowing for delays. We plan our bathrooms from start to finish and it’s rare that the supply chain, fitters, or the design team will slow up the renovation once it’s begun.


Planning is everything and we pride ourselves on doing that rather well. Does it cost more? Possibly yes, to a certain extent it does – but we’ll finish on time, be there every day, clean everything up ready for you to use, and we’ll leave you with the best bathroom your money can buy.


Need more help or advice? Visit us in our Coventry bathroom showroom and see what 30 years in the trade can do for your bathroom.

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